Palestra: da programação de dentro de um 'vídeo game' com a programação dentro de uma página web.

PALESTRA: da programação de dentro de um 'vídeo game' com a programação dentro de uma página web.
POR: Ken Kahn - University of Oxford
DIA: 01/07 das 10h às 12h
LOCAL: Auditório do Instituto de Economia
From programming from within a video game to programming within a web page
ToonTalk is a programming environment where programs are created and run inside of a game-like virtual world. Children, including pre-school children, have programmed computers by training robots, giving birds messages to deliver, filling boxes, loading up trucks, and using magic wands. These demonstrations are understood by ToonTalk as the construction of computer programs. Programs are executed visually in the ToonTalk town. Surprisingly very sophisticated programs can be constructed this way.
The desktop version of ToonTalk was launched in the late 1990s and development ceased about ten years later. Two years ago the speaker began to re-conceptualize and re-implement ToonTalk for the web. In the process much was gained and much was lost.
The presentation will include live demonstrations of both versions of ToonTalk. No prior programming experience required. For more information visit
Ken Kahn, University of Oxford -  After receiving his doctorate from the MIT AI Lab Ken did AI and programming language research for over ten years before switching his focus to programming languages for children. He also does research on agent-based modelling in higher education.
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Auditório do Instituto de Economia

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